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Raphael Rodan

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Raphael Rodan, known for his exquisite artistry in theatre-making and storytelling, required a digital platform to portray his work, achievements, and philosophy. WebXL was chosen to develop a website that would encapsulate Raphael’s 10+ years of artistic journey and serve as a bridge between the artist and his audience. The site was envisioned to be more than a portfolio; it was to be an online stage, mirroring Raphael’s creative essence.


  • Personal Branding: Embody Raphael’s unique style, philosophy, and creative process.
  • Portfolio Presentation: Showcase a detailed portfolio of works, including theatre productions, stories, awards, and collaborations.
  • Event Calendar: Implement a dynamic calendar to highlight upcoming performances, workshops, and public appearances.
  • Media Gallery: Include a media section with photos, videos, and press clippings.
  • Educational Resources: Share information about Raphael’s educational and training programs.
  • Contact & Booking System: Provide a streamlined contact and booking mechanism for inquiries, collaborations, and event requests.
  • Responsive Design: Design the website to be accessible on various devices, maintaining aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Scope of Work

  • Design & Development: Create a design that aligns with Raphael’s artistic identity, infused with the theatrical aesthetics of his work.
  • Content Strategy & Writing: Develop engaging content, narrating Raphael’s artistic journey, achievements, and vision.
  • Portfolio Creation: Design a comprehensive portfolio section to detail past works, collaborations, and recognitions.
  • Event Calendar Integration: Implement an interactive calendar for upcoming events, performances, and workshops.
  • Media Gallery Development: Organize a media gallery with images, videos, and press coverage.
  • Educational Resources Compilation: Present Raphael’s educational endeavors, workshops, and training modules.
  • Contact & Booking System: Build an intuitive contact and booking system for audience interaction.
  • Responsive Design Implementation: Ensure the website provides an engaging experience across all devices.
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance: Provide continuous support, updates, and enhancements to the website.

The collaboration between Raphael Rodan and WebXL culminated in a website that reflects Raphael’s artistry, passion, and profound impact on theatre and storytelling. Serving as a digital stage, the website invites audiences into Raphael’s world, offering a glimpse of his craft, events, educational pursuits, and much more. The WebXL team worked closely with Raphael, translating his artistic vision into a digital format, resulting in a site that resonates with his unique style and connects him with his audience on a global scale.

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