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Aviv Car Rental

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Aviv Car Rental, a renowned car rental company, recognized the need for an online presence to enhance its services and customer engagement. WebXL was selected to craft a website that would serve as the digital gateway for car rentals, reflecting Aviv’s commitment to quality service and customer convenience. The project aimed to provide an intuitive and user-friendly platform to cater to both tourists and locals seeking reliable car rental services.


  • User-Centric Design: Develop an easy-to-navigate interface suitable for users of various technical abilities.
  • Fleet Showcase: Provide a comprehensive view of the car fleet, including detailed specifications, features, images, and rates.
  • Location Integration: Integrate maps and location services to guide users to nearby branches and availability.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Design the website to be fully functional on various devices and screen sizes.

Scope of Work

  • Design & Development: Customize the design to resonate with Aviv’s branding, with an emphasis on user-friendliness and aesthetic appeal.
  • Fleet Information Compilation: Structure the fleet information to enable users to compare vehicles, view details, and make informed decisions.
  • Map & Location Services Integration: Connect users to local branches using interactive maps and geo-location services.
  • Mobile Compatibility Check: Ensure the website’s responsive design for a seamless experience on various devices.
  • SEO and Analytics Integration: Optimize the website for search engines and integrate analytics for ongoing performance monitoring.
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance: Provide continuous support for updates, improvements, and troubleshooting.

The website developed by WebXL for Aviv Car Rental is more than just a digital platform; it’s the embodiment of the company’s dedication to exceptional service and customer convenience. With intuitive navigation, a robust booking system, detailed fleet showcase, and comprehensive support, the website serves as the virtual branch of Aviv, ready to assist customers anytime, anywhere. The collaboration has elevated Aviv Car Rental’s online presence, bridging the gap between technology and travel, and ensuring a smooth journey for clients seeking reliable rental solutions.

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