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Orasis, a premier eyecare clinic led by Dr. Orwa Nasser, a renowned Ophthalmologist, and surgeon, has chosen WebXL to create an online platform that mirrors the clinic’s dedication to world-class eye care. Dr. Nasser, who also directs the cornea service and adult and pediatric ocular anterior segment service at Ziv Medical Center, sought a website that would not only inform and educate but also exude the expertise, care, and precision that define Orasis.


  • Professional & Medical Design Aesthetic: Develop a design that reflects the professional and compassionate care offered at Orasis.
  • Services & Treatments Catalog: Clearly outline the variety of eye care services and treatments available.
  • Educational Resources & Eye Health Blog: Create a content-rich section for educational materials and eye health awareness.
  • Meet the Team Section: Highlight the qualifications, experience, and personalities behind the Orasis team.
  • Patient Testimonials & Success Stories: Share patient experiences and outcomes to instill trust and connection.
  • Mobile Responsiveness & Accessibility: Guarantee a user-friendly experience across all devices and ensure the site is accessible to individuals with visual impairments.

Scope of Work

  • Design & Development: Tailor an elegant, professional, and responsive design that aligns with the clinic’s reputation and ethos.
  • Content Strategy & Writing: Craft insightful and informative content about the clinic’s philosophy, services, and eye care expertise.
  • Services & Treatments Overview: Construct a detailed and user-friendly catalog showcasing the range of eye care services.
  • Educational Resources & Blog Management: Develop an educational section that includes articles, guides, and tips on eye health.
  • Team Profiles & Credentials Display: Present the qualifications and profiles of the Orasis team, including Dr. Nasser’s achievements.
  • Patient Testimonials & Success Cases: Compile and present patient testimonials to build credibility and human connection.
  • Mobile & Accessibility Optimization: Design the site to be easily navigable and accessible, including features for visually impaired visitors.
  • Multilingual Support Implementation: Provide translated content to cater to a diverse audience.
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance: Provide consistent updates and support to maintain the site’s integrity and functionality.

WebXL’s collaboration with Orasis has resulted in a website that serves as an extension of the clinic’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and compassion in eye care. From its professional design to its multifaceted functionalities, the site encapsulates the essence of Orasis and provides a comprehensive platform for patients, medical professionals, and the wider community. WebXL’s thoughtful approach to translating the clinic’s vision into a digital reality has made this project a resounding success.

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