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ACUM, a distinguished non-profit corporation that safeguards the copyrights of Authors, Composers, and Music Publishers in Israel, partnered with WebXL to establish a robust online platform. With roots dating back to 1936 and a membership of over 10,000, ACUM’s legacy and reputation needed to be conveyed through a cutting-edge digital presence. Being a member of global organizations like CISAC and BIEM and recognized by WIPO, ACUM’s website had to reflect its international stature and commitment to intellectual property rights.


  • Professional & Cultural Design Aesthetic: Create a design that encapsulates the rich heritage and international standing of ACUM.
  • Members’ Portal: Develop a secure portal for members to manage copyrights, view statements, and access resources.
  • Comprehensive Information about ACUM: Detail the history, mission, leadership, and global affiliations of ACUM.
  • Educational Resources & Legal Guidance: Provide information on copyright laws, intellectual property rights, and other relevant content.
  • Event Calendar & News Section: Showcase ACUM’s events, seminars, conferences, and latest news.
  • Multilingual Support: Implement a multilingual interface to cater to both local and international audiences.
  • Contact & Support Systems: Create a streamlined system for inquiries, support, and member assistance.
  • Mobile Responsiveness & Accessibility Compliance: Ensure an adaptive and accessible user experience.

Scope of Work

  • Design & Development: Cultivate a design that reflects ACUM’s legacy, professionalism, and cultural richness.
  • Content Strategy & Writing: Generate informative content about ACUM’s mission, history, international affiliations, and offerings.
  • Members’ Portal Development: Build a secure and user-friendly portal for members to manage their accounts and access exclusive resources.
  • Educational Resources & Legal Guides Creation: Organize and present educational material on copyrights, intellectual property, and legal guidance.
  • Events & News Management: Implement an interactive calendar and news section to highlight ACUM’s community engagement.
  • Multilingual Interface Design: Provide the site in multiple languages to facilitate local and international users.
  • Contact & Support Systems Integration: Develop comprehensive contact forms and support systems for seamless communication.
  • Mobile & Accessibility Optimization: Optimize the site for mobile use and ensure compliance with accessibility standards.
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance: Offer continued updates, security measures, and support for optimal performance.

WebXL’s collaboration with ACUM in creating a website has rendered a digital platform that resonates with ACUM’s rich heritage, professional integrity, and global significance. With features ranging from a dedicated members’ portal to multilingual support, the site stands as a comprehensive digital hub for authors, composers, publishers, and the wider intellectual property community in Israel and beyond. The success of this project underscores WebXL’s capacity to comprehend complex requirements and transform them into an elegant and efficient digital solution.

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