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Dan Hay & co.

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Dan Hay & Co., a respected law firm known for its dedication to justice and legal excellence, partnered with WebXL to create a website that encapsulates their ethos, professionalism, and extensive legal services. The primary objective was to design a site that serves as a valuable resource for potential clients, conveys trust, and reflects the firm’s legal expertise.


  • Professional Design: Create a layout and design that exudes professionalism and aligns with the firm’s brand image.
  • Service Showcase: Detail the firm’s services, practice areas, and legal solutions.
  • Attorney Profiles: Present profiles of the lawyers, highlighting their expertise, achievements, and areas of specialization.
  • Legal Resources & Blog: Offer informative legal resources, guides, and a blog to educate visitors.
  • Contact & Consultation Forms: Include easily accessible contact forms for potential clients to reach out for consultations.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure the site is fully optimized for mobile devices.
  • SEO Optimization: Implement SEO practices to enhance visibility on search engines.

Scope of Work

  • Design & Development: Design an elegant and professional interface that resonates with the law firm’s stature and integrity.
  • Content Strategy & Writing: Develop concise and informative content that clearly communicates the firm’s services, history, and values.
  • Attorney Profile Pages: Create individual pages for attorneys with their biographies, expertise, and contact information.
  • Testimonials & Case Studies Section: Build a section to showcase client testimonials and detailed case studies.
  • Legal Resources & Blog Creation: Compile and present legal resources, guides, and maintain a regularly updated blog.
  • Contact & Consultation Integration: Implement user-friendly contact and consultation request forms.
  • Mobile & Browser Compatibility: Ensure the site is functional and visually consistent across various devices and browsers.
  • SEO Implementation & Analytics: Apply SEO strategies and integrate analytics tools to monitor site performance.
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance: Provide continuous support, updates, and content management as needed.

The collaboration between Dan Hay & Co. and WebXL has yielded a website that stands as a testament to the law firm’s commitment to justice, excellence, and client service. With its professional design, comprehensive content, and user-friendly interface, the site serves as a gateway for potential clients to explore the firm’s offerings and connect with their legal experts. WebXL’s meticulous approach, understanding of legal industry nuances, and dedication to quality have been instrumental in creating a platform that truly represents Dan Hay & Co.’s stature in the legal community.

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