Linda ten Barge

Linda ten Barge

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Linda ten Barge, a licensed psychologist renowned for her compassionate and effective approach to mental health therapy, collaborated with WebXL to create a website that represents her practice. The project aimed to develop an online platform that exudes warmth, professionalism, and accessibility, allowing individuals seeking mental health support to easily connect with her services.


  • Welcoming Design: Create a design that communicates warmth, empathy, and professionalism, reflecting Linda’s therapeutic approach.
  • Service Showcase: Detail the various therapy services offered, emphasizing Linda’s specialties and treatment methodologies.
  • Educational Resources: Provide articles, guides, and resources on mental health topics to educate visitors.
  • Contact & Appointment Scheduling: Include user-friendly contact forms and appointment scheduling functionalities.
  • Testimonials & Success Stories: Feature client testimonials and success stories to build trust.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure an optimal user experience across all devices, including mobile phones and tablets.
  • Compliance with Health Regulations: Adhere to all relevant privacy and healthcare regulations.

Scope of Work

  • Design & Development: Craft a visually comforting and professional design that mirrors Linda’s compassionate approach to therapy.
  • Content Strategy & Writing: Develop engaging and informative content that explains Linda’s services, philosophy, and approach to therapy.
  • Educational Resources & Blog Section: Create a section with articles, guides, and resources related to mental health.
  • Appointment Scheduling & Contact Integration: Build a simple and intuitive appointment scheduling system and contact forms.
  • Testimonial Section: Collect and display testimonials and success stories from Linda’s clients.
  • Mobile Optimization & Cross-Browser Compatibility: Design the website to function seamlessly across various devices and browsers.
  • SEO Implementation & Analytics: Incorporate SEO strategies to increase visibility and integrate tools to monitor site performance.
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance: Provide continuous updates, support, and maintenance to ensure the site remains effective and current.

The partnership between Linda ten Barge and WebXL resulted in a website that is not only visually appealing but also embodies Linda’s therapeutic philosophy and dedication to mental wellness. The website serves as a supportive space where individuals can explore her services, learn about mental health, and easily schedule appointments. By focusing on accessibility, warmth, and compliance, WebXL has created a digital platform that aligns with Linda’s mission to provide compassionate and effective therapy services.

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