Sports firm animated logo


OSC, standing as a symbol of excellence in the sports industry, has reached out to WebXL to create an animated logo that reflects the dynamic and competitive nature of sports. By building upon OSC’s existing brand identity, WebXL was tasked with crafting a logo that not only resonates with the sports community but also adds a vibrant touch to the company’s visual representation.


  • Understanding Brand Identity: Grasping the core values, mission, and essence of OSC to ensure alignment with the animated logo.
  • Visual Innovation: Creating a captivating visual representation that encapsulates the energy, motion, and spirit of sports.
  • Compatibility and Responsiveness: Ensuring the animated logo is adaptable across different platforms, devices, and resolutions.
  • Timelessness and Versatility: Designing a logo that remains relevant and impactful over time, suitable for various applications and media.
  • Compliance with Industry Standards: Adhering to professional standards and guidelines relevant to the sports industry.

Scope of Work

  • Initial Consultation & Concept Development: Collaborating with OSC to understand the brand’s vision, objectives, and preferences for the animated logo.
  • Sketching & Storyboarding: Developing initial sketches and storyboards to visualize the animation flow and overall design.
  • Animation Design & Development: Creating the animation by using cutting-edge software and techniques, bringing fluidity and life to the logo.
  • Adaptation & Optimization: Ensuring that the animated logo is adaptable to different contexts, from digital platforms to print media, without losing its quality and appeal.
  • Revision & Finalization: Providing opportunities for OSC’s feedback and revisions to ensure alignment with their expectations.
  • Delivery & Implementation Support: Delivering the final animated logo in various formats and providing guidance for its implementation.

The collaboration between OSC and WebXL culminated in an animated logo that stands as a visual testament to the exhilarating world of sports. The logo’s animation captures the essence of motion and competition, adding a new dimension to OSC’s brand identity. Its fluidity and dynamism reflect OSC’s commitment to excellence and innovation within the sports industry. WebXL is honored to have contributed to OSC’s vision, crafting an animated logo that not only resonates with sports enthusiasts but also elevates the brand’s image in a competitive marketplace.

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