Senior living website


Naharaim, a distinguished provider of senior living facilities and care, has partnered with WebXL to create an engaging, informative, and accessible website. This digital platform aims to showcase Naharaim’s offerings, connect with potential residents and their families, and provide an easy way to explore and understand the amenities, care services, and unique community lifestyle.


  • Introduce Naharaim’s Facilities and Services: Clearly and attractively present the various types of living arrangements, care services, amenities, and community activities.
  • Provide Essential Information for Residents and Families: Include details on pricing, admission processes, safety measures, staff credentials, and more.
  • Create a Virtual Tour Experience: Enable visitors to take a virtual walkthrough of the facilities, rooms, and communal areas.
  • Integrate Contact and Inquiry Systems: Implement easy-to-use contact forms, chat support, and provide clear contact information for inquiries and visits.
  • Ensure Accessibility and User-Friendliness: The website must be accessible to users of all ages, including those with visual or other impairments.

Scope of Work

  • Discovery Phase: Understanding Naharaim’s unique offerings, core values, target audiences, and branding guidelines.
  • Design & UI/UX Development: Designing a layout that’s inviting, easy to navigate, and aligned with Naharaim’s brand image.
  • Content Creation & Management: Crafting content that reflects the warmth and professionalism of Naharaim’s services, including texts, images, videos, and virtual tours.
  • Functionality Implementation: Integrating features such as an interactive map of locations, event calendars, FAQ sections, online appointment scheduling, and more.
  • SEO and Analytics Integration: Ensuring the site’s visibility on search engines and integrating analytics to monitor user behavior and feedback.
  • Accessibility Compliance: Adhering to web accessibility standards to ensure all potential residents and their families can use the site with ease.
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support: Providing continued support, updates, and maintenance to keep the site running smoothly.

The partnership between Naharaim and WebXL is focused on creating a digital presence that is more than just a website. It’s an online home that reflects the care, quality, and community that make Naharaim a leading choice in senior living. Through thoughtful design, comprehensive content, and seamless functionality, the website aims to welcome visitors, answer their questions, and guide them through the journey to find the best living solution for themselves or their loved ones.

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