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DCE, an influential player in Israel’s infrastructure domain for over a decade, specializes in providing comprehensive IT solutions, computing, and infrastructure including uninterruptible power systems, communication cabinets, socket bars, and more. Collaborating with leading companies like APC and Schneider Electric, DCE prides itself on complete solutions, professional support, and quality products. To amplify its reach and simplify customer access, DCE partnered with WebXL to develop an e-commerce website tailored to its expansive product range and services.


  • User-Friendly & Professional Design: Develop a site that resonates with DCE’s brand identity and offers an intuitive user experience.
  • Product Catalog & Details: Showcase an extensive product catalog including details, specifications, and pricing.
  • Shopping Cart & Checkout Integration: Implement a seamless shopping experience with secure checkout and payment options.
  • Custom Solution Inquiry Forms: Include customized forms for tailored solutions regarding electrical infrastructure, installation, and operation.
  • Service & Support Information: Provide detailed information about DCE’s services, technical support, and certified technicians.
  • Partnership & Vendor Page: Highlight DCE’s partnerships with leading companies like APC and Schneider Electric.
  • Educational Content & Resources: Share guides, tutorials, and educational content related to DCE’s products and solutions.
  • Mobile Responsiveness & Accessibility Compliance: Design the site for optimal use across devices and ensure accessibility for all users.

Scope of Work

  • Design & Development: Create a professional, clean, and user-friendly design that mirrors DCE’s brand image.
  • Content Strategy & Writing: Develop concise and informative content that communicates DCE’s offerings and values.
  • Product Catalog Development: Build an extensive product catalog with detailed descriptions, specifications, images, and pricing.
  • E-commerce Integration: Implement a secure and seamless e-commerce experience, including shopping cart and checkout functionality.
  • Custom Solution Inquiry Form Creation: Design customized inquiry forms for specific and tailored solutions.
  • Service & Support Information Compilation: Outline DCE’s services, support, and certified technicians’ details.
  • Partnership & Vendor Page Design: Highlight DCE’s collaborations with leading companies in the field.
  • Educational Content Creation: Provide valuable guides, tutorials, and resources related to products and solutions.
  • Responsive & Accessibility Optimization: Ensure a smooth and accessible experience across various devices and user needs.
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance: Offer continuous updates, security, and support for the optimal functioning of the website.

WebXL’s collaboration with DCE has culminated in an e-commerce platform that not only facilitates the purchasing process but also serves as a knowledge hub for DCE’s intricate solutions and products. The website balances professionalism with user-friendliness, offering an enriching and effortless digital journey. Through detailed product showcases, custom inquiry options, and educational content, DCE’s digital presence now mirrors its on-ground reputation for quality and comprehensive solutions. This project highlights WebXL’s expertise in creating e-commerce sites that are both functional and aligned with a client’s unique industry needs.

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