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Beit HaYotzer, established in 2012, represents the vibrant Israeli artistic community within the port. Partnering with the “Treasure of Sea Enterprises,” it has created a hub for artists to engage in artistic activities and showcase their works to the public. WebXL has been entrusted with the task of designing and developing a website dedicated to promoting and managing music events hosted by Beit HaYotzer.


  • Showcase Upcoming and Past Music Events: Highlight all the upcoming concerts, festivals, and performances, as well as an archive of past events.
  • Provide Artist Profiles and Information: Display information about artists, their background, and sample works.
  • Enable Online Ticketing and Reservation: Implement a secure and user-friendly system for online ticket purchases.
  • Create an Interactive Community Platform: Facilitate interactions between artists and fans through forums, blogs, and social media integration.
  • Present Multimedia Content: Feature photos, videos, and music clips to offer a dynamic, engaging experience.

Scope of Work

  • Discovery Phase: Understand Beit HaYotzer’s vision, target audience, and the unique aspects of the artistic community it represents.
  • Design & UI/UX Development: Create a visually appealing and intuitive interface that reflects the creativity and diversity of Beit HaYotzer.
  • Event Calendar Integration: Develop an easy-to-use event calendar with filtering options based on date, artist, and genre.
  • Online Ticketing System Implementation: Integrate online booking and ticketing options with payment gateways.
  • Artist Profile Management: Allow artists to manage their profiles, upload content, and interact with fans.
  • Community Engagement Tools: Create forums, comment sections, and social media sharing functionalities.
  • SEO and Analytics Integration: Employ SEO best practices and integrate tracking tools to monitor user engagement.
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance: Ensure continuous updates, improvements, and support as needed.

The “ArtPort” project aims to bring Beit HaYotzer’s music events to the digital forefront, connecting artists with audiences in a meaningful and engaging way. By crafting a website that embodies the artistic spirit of the organization, WebXL will empower Beit HaYotzer to reach a broader audience, foster community engagement, and streamline the event management process. This collaboration represents a harmonious blend of technology and art, encapsulating the essence of Beit HaYotzer and the rich artistic culture it nurtures.

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