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Aviya, an extraordinary Israeli composer with roots in Moscow and raised in Jerusalem, chose WebXL for the creation of a website that would be a fitting reflection of her unique artistry. Serving as the Composer-in-Residence of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra since 2014, Aviya has made waves in the musical world, hailed by Israel’s major newspapers for her “distinct, radical, pure, expressive, dramatic, and personal” music. The website aimed to capture these facets of her character, providing a digital platform for fans, musicians, and scholars to explore her work.


  • Artistic Design Aesthetic: Create a design that mirrors Aviya’s innovative and expressive musical style.
  • Music Portfolio Showcase: Build a comprehensive portfolio section, including her compositions, collaborations, and performances.
  • Event Calendar: Feature an up-to-date calendar of concerts, events, and appearances with ticketing options.
  • Educational Resources & Blog: Provide educational content about music composition, theory, and Aviya’s artistic approach.
  • Contact & Collaboration Portal: Design a user-friendly contact section for inquiries, collaborations, and bookings.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure a seamless experience across various devices, including mobile and tablets.

Scope of Work

  • Design & Development: Craft an artistic and responsive design that resonates with Aviya’s musical language.
  • Content Strategy & Writing: Develop engaging content that tells Aviya’s story, musical philosophy, and creative journey.
  • Music Portfolio Management: Create an interactive portfolio with categorization for her compositions, performances, and media coverage.
  • Event Calendar: Implement an intuitive event section with the ability to purchase tickets for upcoming performances.
  • Educational Resources & Blog Development: Design a rich blog and educational section for those interested in learning more about Aviya’s work.
  • Contact & Collaboration Forms: Develop contact forms and collaboration portals for various inquiries and engagements.
  • Mobile & Cross-Browser Compatibility: Ensure the site’s optimal performance across different devices and browsers.

The collaboration between Aviya and WebXL has resulted in a website that serves as a digital symphony of her musical craft. It encapsulates her artistic persona and provides a platform for fans and fellow musicians to explore her groundbreaking work. The site, with its artful design and thoughtful functionalities, mirrors the distinct, radical, and personal touch that Aviya brings to her compositions. WebXL’s commitment to understanding her artistic identity and translating it into a digital experience has made this project a resonating success.

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